Corporate Philanthropy: Celebrating Innovative Giving (photos)

Audigy Group LLC CEO Brandon Dawson (left) and Misty Stern, vice president of marketing, were among Starkey Hearing Foundation mission members who fitted hearing aids for 2,500 people in Guadalajara, Mexico, in January.

With that in mind, the Business Journal each year awards companies that showed innovation in their approach to corporate giving. The Innovation in Philanthropy Awards honor companies that showed creativity in their collaborations with nonprofits and other philanthropic partners on projects that advance their mission by using both financial and volunteer contributions. This afternoon, at our annual Corporate Philanthropy Awards luncheon, we’re honoring three companies that fit the definition of innovative philanthropists. Kaiser Permanente Northwest and Providence Health & Services: The health care giants teamed up on a $1.2 million, three-year project targeting nonprofits working in behavioral health services.
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Cortado Corporate Server 7 versus app wrapping

Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) said they would not proceed with a rewrite of the corporate code unless they can build support for overhauling tax laws that affect individuals as well. More business news Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane Rank-and-file rebellion increases odds of a government shutdown, and a battle over the debt limit looms. Q&A: Richard Cordray on whats next for the consumer protection bureau Danielle Douglas The first director of the CFPB lays out his vision for the agency as he builds a new regulatory regime from scratch. More business news There is more agreement on the corporate side, said Baucus, who chairs the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee. But I think we should use that as an engine for comprehensive reform, not just do corporate and stop. Baucuss remarks put him at odds with President Obama, who this summer offered to resolve the partisan standoff over the budget by rewriting the corporate code and dedicating a one-time spurt of new revenue to long-delayed infrastructure projects.
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Baucus, Camp say consensus forming in Washington on a corporate tax overhaul

Henning believes that recent changes appearing in operating systems such as Android and IOS are making this approach unacceptable. What is app wrapping? App wrapping can been seen as a form of application virtualization. reference Applications are processed, read encapsulated, allowing them to be accessed from remote devices, run in new processing environments, and increasing levels of security. Why does Cortado think this approach is dead? The newest versions of Android and IOS have added local security controls that duplicate some, if not all, of the features offered by most app wrapping tools.
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