Illegal drone business thrives in US


Raphael Pirker, co-founder of Team BlackSheep, denies endangering anyone and says he was not paid for the filming. Pirker and other drone entrepreneurs say their aircraft are safe and reliable, and pose no threat to people or privacy. The business of drones is mature and ready to grow, they argue. Making matters more frustrating, they say, is that these companies have tens of thousands of dollars invested in drone equipment and are seeing their businesses grind to a halt. Earlier this year, Dale Slear, co-owner of aerial photography company Beat Copter, received a cease and desist letter from the FAA, grounding the company’s $15,000 Cinestar 8 Octocopter. The FAA letter stated that the agency was investigating a complaint that Beat Copter was advertising its aerial photography services for commercial use via its website. Slear says he knew the legality of flying drones for commercial use was problematic. “We didn’t want to look under that rock,” he says. “We figured if all these other companies are doing it, why can’t we?” Aerial photography was a growing and lucrative niche for Slear’s design and photography business that attracted clients, such as real estate companies, willing to pay ten times what a standard photography gig paid.

Business Is Personal for Small Business Owners

Handing Over Keys Business Sale or Apartment Rental

And the number of business owners who believe conditions are poor is at the lowest level (14%) in three years. While about half still fault sales for preventing them from achieving business goals, just as many business owners project improved sales this year and next, says Jerome Byers, head of Citibank Small Business. A more positive view on business may translate to more jobs. Just over a quarter of small business owners say they will hire within the next year an 11% increase over last summer. Additionally, 13% of owners plan to add a new location. Business and Personal Finances Are Mixed The number of entrepreneurs who have used personal savings to support their business has dropped in the past year, from 62% to 37%.


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