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Business Journal wins 9 MN Society of Professional Journalists awards

Art and illustration: Derek Thomson,

Skills, Talents, and Experience Passion alone won’t guarantee your success as a small business owner–you need to be honest about your skills and experience. For example, if you have never worked in the food service industry before, it’s unlikely that you will be a successful restaurant owner until you have accumulated experience in the field. Although it’s possible to succeed without previous experience, you should consider working as in your chosen industry before you plunge into an ownership position, even if it means working as an employee in someone else’s business before you invest in your own operation. Capital Requirements You will also need to consider your capital position since some industries require higher levels of investment than others. For example, manufacturing operations usually require much more capital to acquire than small consulting firms or businesses with fewer assets. It’s critical to make sure you have enough available capital to seriously pursue an acquisition in your chosen industry. Although seller financing may be possible for a portion of the purchase price, a thorough evaluation of your current capital position can help narrow your search to the business opportunities that align with your financial means.

Paul Business Journal Send this story to a friend Email address of friend (insert comma between multiple addresses): Your email address: Jun 19, 2013, 10:21am CDT Business Journal wins 9 MN Society of Professional Journalists awards The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal on Tuesday won nine awards from the Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). The paper garnered two first-place awards, one for graphics and the other for best business column. SPJ’s Page One awards honor journalism in newspapers, TV, radio and online media. The Business Journal competes in the category of newspapers with circulation of less than 50,000. Click on the image to see the designs for which Derek Thomson was honored. Otherwise, below are links to the stories that won awards.

Even business brands need effective UX


The concept of the consumer user as distinct from the business user is gone; everyone is the consumer all the time, which is why diverse companies today place a high value on User Experience (UX), the sum of all interactions with a brand’s products and services. Traditionally the domain of consumer brands wooing shoppers on short sales cycles, UX is gaining influence in a wide range of sectors courting rationally minded business buyers. MORE:  Meet Margaret Fuller, proto-Sheryl Sandberg The heightened expectations for UX design can be seen in both subtle and striking ways. Recently while boarding a flight I peeked into the cockpit and noticed the pilot and copilot both downloading weather charts and other critical data to their tablets, which are easy to understand and read and can be instantly updated. Just a few years ago they might have been hunched over thick manuals and binders and well-thumbed maps balanced on their laps. It all changed largely because these pilots are accustomed to using their smartphones for a wide variety of other tasks. They demand the same applications and consumer-friendly technologies whether they’re watching Netflix ( NFLX ) at home or flying a jet.


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